The old Post Office

The clock on the old Post Office building. Time has stood still here for a while, and the building is sadly neglected, one of many owned by an Irish property tycoon who has bought up many of the historic gems in Port Elizabeth, and let them go to rack and ruin. It is very sad.

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  1. Ham

    Yes, very best wishes for a speeddy recovery

  2. Kate

    Hope all is going well for Max today! Let us know!! Love clocks on buildings. Years ago I and my friends would meet under the clock on Carson Pirie Scott on State Street in Chicago. When I see these clocks it reminds me of those times!

  3. sam

    Hi, thanks all, Max is doing OK, still in the critical first 24 hours, but stable and peaceful.Kate, lovely memories… I also have a thing for clocks, especially old station clocks.

  4. Ann (MobayDP)

    I will check the updates on sue’s blog on Max’s condition, but hope he makes a speedy recovery. Re the buildings: This is so sad. It’s such a pity that one of the conditions of his purchasing these buildings be that he must restore/renovate them within a certain period of time!

  5. WebOJ

    Oh that’s so sad. Sometimes just having the money is not enough. One can’t buy brains with money, after all.