Behind Bars

I went to Prison today............. really! I was one of the delegates who attended a "Business against Crime" outing to St Alban's Prison, to see the work being done by Correctional Services in rehabilitation of prisoners and helping with their integration back into society. It was really inspiring. I have written about it, and yesterdays Ironman in detail, with lots of extra pix here.


The old Post Office

The clock on the old Post Office building. Time has stood still here for a while, and the building is sadly neglected, one of many owned by an Irish property tycoon who has bought up many of the historic gems in Port Elizabeth, and let them go to rack and ruin. It is very sad.


Looking for baddies!

I was visiting a friend yesterday, whose house overlooks the same valley that is featured in our first post. They have spectacular views right across the bay. On a clear day the unspoilt dunes on the other side show clearly. Suddenly the view from the window was filled by a helicopter, hovering outside. We went to check out what was happening... and it was the Police, hunting for a criminal hiding in the bushes to the left of Albany Road,…