Rainy day in the Bay

The last couple of months have been a bit on the dry side and after the previous weekend's rain it seems that the weather has suddenly discovered some more moisture to share with us.  Over the last 48 hours we've had some good rains in and around Port Elizabeth with apparently more to come in the next day or so.  I know its not the most exciting picture but here is one I snapped while sitting in wet traffic this morning.  Wet traffic…


Looking up at Pleinhuis

Port Elizabeth has some beautiful Art Deco buildings, some in good condition and others in need of repair.  Pleinhuis (plein meaning square as in open space and huis means house) on Market Square is one of the prime examples in the city.  I went to a meeting at Pleinhuis and before I entered looked up at the gargoyles on the side of the building.  It just screamed out to be photographed, so I did.

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Fisher’s building

Fischer's Jewellers in Port Elizabeth are one of those businesses that has been around for just about forever.  In 1858 Edward Preiss from London advertised in the "Eastern Province Herald" that he has taken premises next door to the newspaper's office in Main Street and started business as a watchmaker and jeweller.  In 1859 Alwin Fischer and his brother Theodore, both watchmakers, came to the Cape Colony from Saxony.  Theodore opened a business in Cradock while Alwin came to Port Elizabeth and started to…

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Continuing our little jaunt down Marine Drive, we pass the grounds of the University. Previously known as UPE, it recently amalgamated with the nearby Technikon, and the two are now together known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, or NMMU for short.The buildings are a classic example of what is now called "brutal architecture", the raw concrete edifices that were considered the height of modernity in the 70s. They are very spread out, the original intention was to have a built…


Sought after

One of the odd things about having a cute house in a sought after historic area is the number of total strangers who will ring the doorbell to ask if you want to sell to them. This owner is clearly tired of the interruptions!


shadow play

In the early days, many of the historic cottages were constructed of timber clad with corrogated iron. Considering our harsh coastal conditions, it is amazing that any have survived. So many would have been removed over the years and replaced with more modern and permanent structures. One that has stood the test of time is a little cottage in Cuyler Street, Central, which, for several years, has been home to the Cuyler Street Art Gallery. This is the courtyard, with…

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Port Elizabeth Station

The beautiful old Victorian Railway Station in PE underwent a renovation in the mid 80s. The round painted panels depicting scenes from the city were commissioned, and painted by Bernard Horn. A great restaurant was opened and the Station Restaurant was the in place for a while. They served all sorts of exotic African meats, like Zebra and crocodile! Sadly it went the way of the rest of PEs historic areas, and urban decay set in. Although the building is…


Jimminy Cricket!!!

Cricket has certainly moved with the times. For those who find 5 days of stiff-upper-lip play with white clothing and a sedate pace a bit heavy going, there are now new formats which make the game much more exciting. The newest of these is the 20-20 match, which is fast paced, 4s and 6s fly, the music is loud and trendy, gogo dancers and flame throwers go ballistic everytime something exciting happens, the crowds really get involved and the atmosphere…

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The Edward Hotel

This gracious Hotel in Central is still a well run establishment, and the beautiful old building is lovingly cared for. It commands a wonderful view overlooking the Donkin Reserve, with its famous lighthouse and pyramid, and beyond that, the bay.