The Hill’s silhouette

The Hill Presbyterian Church in Central silhouetted against the bright blue sky
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  1. Mar

    Stunning and beautiful contrast!!Looking forward to the world championship 🙂skywatch

  2. Quiet Paths

    Very dreamy sky but a dramatic subject! Very nice contrasts.

  3. Steffi

    Really beautiful contrast – the blue sky and the white clouds!We are ready for the FIFA worldcup too…Have a great time!

  4. Al

    Those thin clouds add a lot of interest to an already good picture. Great job!

  5. Bill

    Great shot with the cloud-cross in the sky over the church.

  6. Gaelyn

    That's a beautiful church with clouds that could be angels.

  7. Arija

    Looks like God has turned the light on behind the church spire.

  8. EG Wow

    Interesting light behind the steeple! It looks almost mystical.

  9. Anonymous

    When seeing that picture, what I cared is nothing any more.

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