The Drakensberg Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre must surely be the most recognised and best know feature of the Drakensberg and looked down over us while we were camping in the Royal Natal National Park in December.  
The Amphitheatre is over 5 kilometers in length and the cliffs along its entire face is about 1 220 meters high at average.  The source of the Tugela River is up in this section of the Drakensberg and the Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world after the Angel Falls in South America, plunges 948 meters over the side of the Amphitheatre.
I took the photo from the dam close to the Royal Natal National Park Reception building early one windless morning. 

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  1. Stefan Jansson

    Wow. What a fantastic view. And you took a great photo of it.

  2. Natstravelogue

    Beautiful photo! I'm really looking forward to seeing that view up close and personal in April 🙂

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