Casino reflection

A beautiful day, blue skies, no wind, the Boardwalk casino reflecting in the lake. How can one not want to take a photo of this?

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The Drakensberg Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre must surely be the most recognised and best know feature of the Drakensberg and looked down over us while we were camping in the Royal Natal National Park in December.  The Amphitheatre is over 5 kilometers in length and the cliffs along its entire face is about 1 220 meters high at average.  The source of the Tugela River is up in this section of the Drakensberg and the Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world…


Boardwalk Hotel lights

The Boardwalk Complex in Port Elizabeth has always been a beautiful sight at night but since the completion of the new 5 star Boardwalk Hotel and Convention Centre it's become an absolute visual feast for the eyes.  The lights become even more obvious when seen from inside the Boardwalk Complex itself where it reflects off the Boardwalk lake.


Bushmans River reflection

I little while ago I joined a couple of tourist guides from Port Elizabeth on a visit to Amakhala Game Reserve about 75 km east of the city.  Although we got to do a game drive we were actually there to see their new boat and to go for a short cruise on the Bushmans River which flows through the reserve.  As we were cruising upstream this reflection presented itself for a photograph and I just couldn't say no.


Flooding in HDR

Even though there is still another month to go till the end of winter we've already had the 3rd wettest winter ever in Port Elizabeth.  Last week we had two days of rain again and this following the flooding we had three weeks ago means that there is a lots of water around.  I drove out to have a look at the Seaview Road just outside the city which is over 1,5 meters under water.  Took this picture to the side of…