Port Elizabeth’s Mandela figure

The Mandela figure at the head of The Voting Line piece on the Donkin Reserve has become a very popular photographic subject since it’s installation as part of Route 67 either on it’s own or with people posing next to it.  It is sad though that this is the only Mandela figure that visitors get to see with the only two others ones I know of being a life-size figure standing inside City Hall and the Madiba Shirt piece on the university campus.  Port Elizabeth really needs a big Mandela statue or sculpture somewhere in an accessible spot where tourists and visitors can get to see and take photos with it.  Something along the lines of the Mandela statues in Sandton City or Bloemfontein.  And I’m not the only one so let’s hope somebody, either the municipality or private sector, actions the idea sooner rather than later specially seeing that we live in a metro named after Nelson Mandela.