St Albans Farmers Market

Every Saturday there is a Farmers Market at the Van Stadens Dutch Reformed Church in St Albans west of Port Elizabeth. You will find everything from fresh vegetables to home made biscuits and knitted toys. The most popular stall must be the one selling farm breakfasts. Bacon, egg, sausage, onions and toast for R20. A real bargain. If you don’t feel like bacon and eggs, try the sosatie rolls at the stall next door. Yum!

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  1. Sakiwi

    I really wouldn’t mind a proper plaasontbyt now! It’s icy cold on this side of the world.

  2. arnieo

    St. Albans: – is that where they used to fly radio controlled model airplanes? I remember going out there to watch years ago.

  3. Firefly

    Arnieo – I think the model airplane club still flies out there

  4. Jenny

    Jenny – I had a stall there for my Gospel Beads on the First Saturday in July and hope to return for the First Saturday in September. Hope to see you there. And I can recommend the Farmers breakfast.

  5. scott davidson

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