Orca in Algoa Bay

Over the last couple of weeks local whale watching outfit Raggy Charters has spotted two different pods of orcas on two occasions while out cruising in Algoa Bay. Owner Lloyd Edwards also saw the one pod cruise by Seaview a little less than a week ago. Yesterday there was excitement in St Francis Bay when a pod was encountered in the bay. We are fortunate to have these visitors to the area every once in a while, but I haven’t heard of so many sightings over a space of a couple of weeks, so this is really special. The dolphins in the area must be really worried at the moment though.

This brings me to my first (and only) sighting of an orca in the wild. About a year or so ago I got to go out with Raggy Charters on their new boat, My China‘s, maiden voyage. What a day! A big pod of Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and penguins at St Croix, bait ball with tons of sea birds hunting, Minke Whale and then the call came. Orca spotted beyond the island. We dashed and had a fantastic encounter with a big male orca. Something I’ll never forget.

Port Elizabeth and Algoa Bay truly is the best marine experience destination in South Africa. Whales, dolphins, penguins, sea birds, orcas on occasion, bait balls of sardines especially just before the start of the Sardine Run, Great White sharks, and various other marine species.

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  1. MyPE

    Those sightings are so special – the guests go quiet and bask in the majesty of these apex predators

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