Giraffe spoor

While on a game drive at Samara Private Game Reserve near Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape I spotted a set of tracks next to the road. Too big for an antelope and definitely not a horse or a cow as it's inside a game reserve. Possibly a buffalo? Hoofprint from a giraffe was the answer from our game ranger. A hoof is the foot of certain animals known as ungulates. These animals walk on their toes which have a hard cover made out…

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Giraffe pattern

The patterns on a giraffe must be amongst the most interesting in the animal kingdom.  They're not just spots, they're more like carefully laid slate stones.


What you’re looking at?

A giraffe at Amakhala Game Reserve outside Port Elizabeth gawking at the tourists gawking at her.  Actually, she posed very nicely for us all to get a couple of photographs.

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Port Elizabeth is blessed with two stunning small game parks within the city boundaries in the Kragga Kamma Game Park and the Seaview Game and Lion Park. Both of these have a number of different animal species that can be view on the game drives through the park. Most people get quite excited when they see giraffe, of which there are quite a few at both reserves.


Skin patterns

It is amazing how beautiful some animals are. The tiger, leopard, cheetah, giraffe and a couple of others must heave been in the front of the row when God created the animals and were dishing out the skins. Poor warthog must have been standing close to the back. Here are a couple of close-ups of animal skins. All of these animals were (and hopefully still are) alive when I took the pics. CheetahCrocodile Giraffe


Giraffe horns

The giraffe... the world's tallest mammal. In Afrikaans a giraffe is called a kameelperd (camel horse). Just like a camel, the giraffe walks with both legs on each side of their body at the same time. But that's not what this post is about. Have you aver wondered about a giraffe's horns? Are they real horns or just tufts of hair? A giraffe has horns. I found this giraffe skull in the garden at Elephant's Footprint Lodge. In the picture…


What’s everybody looking at?

These four giraffe crossed the road right in front of us at Kragga Kamma Game Park on Sunday. (Why DID the giraffe cross the road? The chicken was having a day off.) As soon as they were on the other side they stopped dead in their tracks and stretched their necks (get it? stretched their necks) and stared down the hill. I wonder what they were looking at.


Sitting Giraffe

On my recent visit to Sun City I got to go on a game drive into the Pilanesberg National Park. Although we didn't see a huge amount of game, we did see this very unusual sight of a giraffe sitting down. What makes this unusual is the fact that giraffes don't usually sit down much in reserves where there are predators like lions as they can't get up that fast being all neck and legs. This makes them more vulnerable…


Giraffe Silhouettes

Kwantu Private Game Reserve is an unique reserve in that it is owned by a Muslim family and they are sticking strictly to their Islamic traditions by not allowing alcohol on the reserve. Their food is also very Eastern in flavour. I've had the opportunity to visit the reserve a couple of times while I was a tour guide and this giraffe pic was taken one late afternoon at about sunset.