Hospital peacocks

The peacocks at the St Georges Hospital is become an institution over the years. I’m not sure where they originally came from, but they are always found in the hospital’s gardens. Sometimes they venture down towards Settlers Park, but the safe bet for them is sticking around the hospital with its security guards. Its a common sight seeing the males show off their tail feathers during breeding season, but on the day I was there nobody wanted to oblige.

Footnote: Traci gave me the following info on FB: “Years ago one of the lawyers from a local law firm tried to have them turfed from the park, but then the former MD from VW’s wife and mother in law started a save the peacock campaign. It was quite a thing … Amazing what some people have time to fight about? Needless to say the VW camp won, the peacocks remained with St George’s Hospital as a very strong contender to keep them… hence why the hospital used the peacock as its icon “

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  1. Gaelyn

    Plus, what a beautiful sight for patients.

  2. It's always the most surreal thing, to go and visit somebody in hospital and hear the peacocks outside…

  3. Steffe

    Cool birds. I met and photographed a peacock just a few weeks ago.