Rainy day in the Bay

The last couple of months have been a bit on the dry side and after the previous weekend’s rain it seems that the weather has suddenly discovered some more moisture to share with us.  Over the last 48 hours we’ve had some good rains in and around Port Elizabeth with apparently more to come in the next day or so.  I know its not the most exciting picture but here is one I snapped while sitting in wet traffic this morning.  Wet traffic being the type where people forget how to drive, either going like hooligans or driving like grannies (no offense to grannies) and a normal 20 minute drive to work this morning took me an hour. 

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  1. Kate

    These houses look so clean and crisp! It’s a picture postcard photo, and I mean that in the best way!

  2. Ioanna

    After the rain the atmosphere looks so clear and the colors so vibrant! Beautiful photo!

  3. Web-OJ

    Such a pretty place. I would love to visit South Africa. The road looks slippery.

  4. isabella

    It’s not hard to imagine this road as a river valley in a previous life…especially in the rain 😉

  5. Waldo Oiseau

    I love the blue houses/building interspersed throughout!

  6. sam

    I love this style too. Because many of the early settlers were Scottish, the more austere, clean-lined Scottish architecture was common in the area, especially in the earlier buildings, although we do have some very elaborate ones too, especially the Victorian ones that came a little later.

  7. Sonia A. Mascaro

    Amazing picture! I can feel the wind on my face…. and the rain too!Have a nice weekend!

  8. Sakiwi

    It sounds unbelievable, but I actually miss the PE wind!

  9. Jilly

    Fabulous shot, Sam. Well done. Just love it. You really feel that wind and rain.

  10. Peter Fristedt

    Oh yes! I like this one (especially as I’m in warm indoors 60″ North)! I was thinking: would the photo be as good if it was crystal sharp? I doubt it. Good shot!

  11. Chuck Pefley

    Wonderful photo in very stormy conditions. So many of us want to keep our cameras dry and protected. Kudos to you for using yours as the tool that it is.

  12. sam

    hehe Chuck, I’d love to take credit for braving the storm for the sake of my art, but to be honest, I was standing in the shelter of my front verandah watching this poor guy walking across the park in front of our house!

  13. Linda Vermeulen

    These buildings were in fact flats. The dark blue and light grey in front. I lived in the top unit of the light grey block. They were known as 67 a,b,c & d Russell Road.