The Edward Hotel

This gracious Hotel in Central is still a well run establishment, and the beautiful old building is lovingly cared for. It commands a wonderful view overlooking the Donkin Reserve, with its famous lighthouse and pyramid, and beyond that, the bay.

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  1. Pigeons are funny creatures, aren’t they? They always perch on one particular side of a roof. Picky birdies… :)That’s a gracious building, indeed. What a dream of a time guests must have on those terraces.

  2. Sonia

    Very nice old building! I read the Fénix comment and I enlarged the photo and I can see all those pigeons on the roof! Beautiful!

  3. sam

    yes, I’ve noticed Fenix has eagle eyes when it comes to details 🙂 well spotted!

  4. Jeanne

    It is a great building and I seem to recall from my architecture course that it was designed by some of PE’s best-known architects Jones & MacWilliams in the arts & crafts style popular at the time. Good to know the current owners are still lavishign attention on it!

  5. Anonymous

    I am French and lived in PE between 58 and 61. Nice to see that some old buildings are kept in excellent shape. Dont let Denton buy them