Last day of the World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is over. Actually, as I post this the final between Holland and Spain still needs to be played, but by the time most people read this it will have been something of the past. Before the World Cup the doom profits predicted that the event would be an absolute failure, that overseas supporters shouldn’t come to South Africa cause they will be robbed and murdered and that the stadiums would be empty. How all of them have been proven wrong. Yes, there were a few incidents that will be pointed out by these folk to try and prove their earlier statements, but the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was a resounding success. South Africa proved to the world that we don’t have to stand back for anybody when it comes to hosting big events. Black and white stood together cheering for Bafana Bafana, and after their exit from the tournament adopted other countries to support without abandoning the event. Before the start of the World Cup the international media was looking for anything bad they could find to report on, but during it they realised how great this country is and gave it the kind of exposure it deserves, with publicity that money can’t buy. We have received new stadia, new infrastructure and a renewed sense of togetherness and nation building. SOUTH AFRICA ROCKS and the legacy lives on!!!

Monday morning the soccer supporters that are still in the country would be packing their newly discovered vuvuzelas, head home and our lives would start to get back to normal. But would it ever be what it was before the tournament? Probably not quite. Let’s hope all of those who visited South Africa (and in particular Port Elizabeth) would go back home and spread the word on how awesome a destination this is and to tell their friends and family to come back (home).

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  1. Avril

    Nice post! Yes – it was fantastic wasn't it .. the colours (flags, T'shirts, banners etc) … the whole vibe in this beautiful country of ours! Now we all pack our flags away .. I have just taken my side-mirror flags off :(… the children can go back to school … yay!! Although my afternoon run begins … every day 🙁 As I type this, the closing ceremony and the final match is still to happen .. my daughter and her boyfriend have just gone off to meet friends at a Fan Park … she, with orange ribbons in her hair ! My hubby is supporting Spain !

  2. Gaelyn

    I am so Happy for ZA's success during the World Cup. I haven't really followed it all but haven't noticed any really bad press. Your country is so outstanding and gorgeous. I hope more will visit, just too many as to make it overcrowded.

  3. Isn't it funny how the tabloids who were talking about FIFA's emergency plan to move the World Cup back to Germany when (not if!) the South African stadiums were not ready in time, went all very quiet once the tournament started…! I also wonder if there was a flood of unused stab vests sold to gullible English fans on EBay on Monday, hahahah!We opened our arms to the world and we ROCKED as hosts. I have never heard so many positive things being said about SA in such a short space of time, both in and out of the country – it was overwhelming!!

  4. Pamela

    Although I try to avoid the tabloid press it is true to say that the current trend for lazy journalism (write the story,don't worry about balance or facts!) meant that pre World Cup it was an accepted “truth” in the UK that South Africa was not safe and the arrangements were not up to scratch. During the TV broadcasts the “this is a beautiful place” comments started and by the end, at the post final wrap up the BBC panel were saying that whilst the football may not have been world class, the people, the country, the organisation, the security and not least the stadia were all wonderful. It was a triumph for South Africa and South Africans and pleasure to see people change their minds. For those of us who have had the privilege of visiting South Africa it has been a month of vindication, now “they” know what it is all about