Swimming at Cascades – Royal Natal National Park

When you arrive at Mahai campsite in the Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg, one of the first things you notice is that there is no swimming pool.  “What! No swimming pool? How is one supposed to cool down on those hot barmy summers days while camping?” you ask.  Mahai doesn’t have a swimming pool for a purpose.  The campsite sits on the banks of the Mahai River and 15 minutes upstream along the Queen’s Causeway is where you head to the Cascades if you want to cool down.  The Cascades is a series of cascading waterfalls and shallow areas offering bathers a safe spot to enjoy the crisp clean mountain water that flows out of the Berg.  You may not be able to dive into deep pools or swim lengths but I didn’t hear one person complain during the ten days we were there.  How often do us city folk get to swim in a mountain stream? 
The little bridge at the end of the Queen’s Causeway.  The Queen’s Causeway was built to allow the Royal family to comfortably walk up along the Mahai River during their visit in 1947.  The visit is also the reason why the park is allowed to be called the Royal Natal National Park.

The last stretch to the Cascades 

Campers and day visitors enjoying the Cascades
Yours truly playing ball with Miggie in the bottom pool
The Cascading waterfalls above the swimming area

Miggie having a waterfall shower

Chaos Boy warming up after a swim in the fresh mountain water
Miggie enjoying the view of the Cascades looking downstream