The welcome sight of a campsite rainbow

At the end of each thunderstorm in the Drakensberg there is a rainbow.  Something campers look forward to when the first drops come down.

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Swimming at Cascades – Royal Natal National Park

When you arrive at Mahai campsite in the Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg, one of the first things you notice is that there is no swimming pool.  "What! No swimming pool? How is one supposed to cool down on those hot barmy summers days while camping?" you ask.  Mahai doesn't have a swimming pool for a purpose.  The campsite sits on the banks of the Mahai River and 15 minutes upstream along the Queen's Causeway is where you…

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Campsite Cricket

Having a budding young cricket player on our hands, it wasn't difficult finding Miggie around the campsite at Mahai in the Drakensberg during December when we were looking for her.  Just find the nearest cricket game and she will be there.  Preferably one with adults playing as "they bowl better", to quote her.

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Mahai Campsite – heaven in the Drakensberg

Nestled in a beautiful valley in the Royal Natal National Park of the Northern Drakensberg is a campsite that regularly makes lists of top campsites in South Africa. Six years ago we discovered Mahai Campsite for the first time and spend an unfortunate holiday there during major floods that hit the area that summer.  Even with all that it still counts as one of our favorite holidays and when we left that year we vowed to be back some time.…

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Camping in the Drakensberg

The general holiday question is always, BEACH or BUSH?  I will probably choose bush over beach 7 out of 10 times but that's because I live on the coast.  It's also because I love getting away to a forest, the bush, a game reserve or the wide open spaces of the Karoo.  Although I feel you can group all these things into the BUSH category, something is definitely missing from that question though.  MOUNTAINS, definitely mountains.  The question should be…

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Camping at Vloedbos in the Overberg – a winning option all around

Every year we go on a camping over the summer school holiday.  We're not the "return to the same place year after year" type of campers as we want to explore and discover new places.  As we live in Port Elizabeth and by the sea, we're also not bothered by coastal holidays which tends to be windy in summer and effects us badly as we camp in tents.  After a lot of searching and researching, we settled on Vloedbos in…


Camping and canoeing at sunset

You know your kids are enjoying a camping trip and perfect weather when they're still out on the water after sunset.  The picture is from a recent camping trip to Sitrusoewer on the banks of the Sundays River outside Kirkwood. 


Camping at Sitrusoewer

A couple of weekends ago we spent a long weekend camping on the banks of the Sundays River at Sitrusoewer just outside Kirkwood.  It must be one of my favorite campsites I've ever been to.  The water was literally 2 meters from the front door of our tent and we spent the whole weekend either in or on the water.  A long weekend to remember and one we would have over again and again. 


Campsite after dark

Everybody likes to stay in hotels and guesthouses if they could and I'm no different, but when we go away on family holidays we like to camp.  It brings us closer to nature and gives the kids a lot more freedom to roam.  I love sitting in my camp chair by the fire with chops sizzling over the coals, a drink in my hand and chatting with my neighbour. Once its gets quiet you hear the night sounds all around and it…


Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm

We really enjoy camping and usually try to camp at two different places for our summer camping holiday.  Last year (2011) we planned to start out in Montagu and then head down to Cape Town for the second part.  It was a bit of a struggle to find a family friendly, sheltered and nicely situated caravan park, but finally decided on Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm in Noordhoek and we weren't disappointed.  Not just was it a fantastic caravan park but also very…