Sunrise at Cape Recife Lighthouse

After yesterday’s post of the morning light on the ripples at Cape Recife, I realised that I actually hadn’t posted the pictures of the real reason I was there for yet. Capturing a couple of photos of sunrise behind the Cape Recife Lighthouse.

This pic was taken at 06h00am, about 15 minutes before sunrise
This one (which I am blowing up and framing) was taken at 06h15am

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    And well worth framing it is, great sky great silhouette.

  2. leilani

    YUP! you guys have the MOST beautiful skies on the planet! AWESOME~

  3. Perry

    Yup, that second one? You nailed it! Awesome sunrise with a prefect sky to light up the lighthouse. Well done!

  4. Marka

    Beautiful photo! Both of them!

  5. Karin

    Fantastic photo, the sky is awesome!! Dit voel asof die foto mens intrek – well worth framing!

  6. Jo

    Omigoodness, I can almost smell the fresh, sea air. Gorgeous…! I love looking at the photos on your blog. I haven't been visiting many blogs lately, but I'm playing catchup. :-)Cheers!Jo

  7. Janet

    Lighthouses are still my favourite and you have captured the moments beautifully here! Well done Firefly! 🙂

  8. Max-e

    hi Jonker, been enjoying going through your posts.You have some really great pctures. Its time I got out and about the City again. Its also ime tovisit CapeRecife again.

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