The beacon at Cape Recife

The beacon out at Cape Recife is one of two beacons that were used for shipping purposes before the invention of modern navigation technology.  The second beacon is the lollipop beacon on Marine Drive where Admiralty Road and Marine Drive comes together.  Ships sailing along the coast from the west had to line up the two beacons before they could turn into Algoa Bay.  This ensured that they were well clear of Thunderbolt Reef at the point as well as…

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Cape Recife and Schoenmakerskop from the air

[youtube=]This week's Video Friday post is another one of Renaldo Gouws' drone aerial videos, this time of the striking coastline of the Wildside featuring Cape Recife and Schoenmakerskop.

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Pine Lodge Zipline

Did you know you can zipline right here in Port Elizabeth?  No? Well now you do.  Pine Lodge has a three cable zipline as well as a high ropes course that is well worth the visit if you don't have the time to travel to the Addo or Tsitsikamma areas.

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The longest surfski wave in the world

[youtube=]Every now and then I see a video pop up on Facebook or YouTube and just wish that I could do it.  Yesterday was a day like that again.  It shows a couple of surfski paddlers grab a wave off Cape Recife and ride it for over 2 minutes. How can one not want to try it as well?Dawid and Jasper Mocke of Mocke Paddling is busy planning a 10 Days 5 Capes paddling expedition in Feb / March 2017…

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Things to do in Port Elizabeth this summer – Grab a backpack and take a hike

There is an Afrikaans folk song that goes, Dis heerlike Lente, die Winter's verby... (It's time for Spring now that Winter has passed - doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same in English though) which means Summer is fast approaching.  Longer days, better weather and spending more time outdoors over weekends.  Plus the holiday season is coming up quicker than my sausage dogs when I open the fridge.  With an eye on said better weather and upcoming holiday season, I…


Boardwalk to Cape Recife

Have you ever walked further along the beachfront boardwalk than the lollipop beacon on the corner of Admiralty Road and Marine Drive.  This morning I had 20 minutes or so before a workshop at the Summerstrand Hotel and decided to venture a little further down than usual.  A beautiful morning with the sea on the one side and among the coastal vegetation yet less than 100 meters from Marine Drive.  What an awesome asset the city has in this stunning…

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The Noordhoek dune field

Standing at the view point on Marine Drive close to Noordhoek looking back at Cape Recife you can see a section of sand dunes in the middle of the coastline.  These dunes form part of the Noordhoek dune field, one of three driftsand bypass systems that used to take sand into Algoa Bay.  The other two are the Drifsands and Cape Recife dune systems.The main sand bypass, known as Dritsands, covered the whole area between Schoenmakerskop and Summerstrand.  In the…

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Zipping at Pine Lodge

One of the three slides that is part of the zipline experience at Pine Lodge in Cape Recife

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Facing my fear of heights on the Pine Lodge high ropes course

I got to face my fear of heights at Pine Lodge the other day and walked away a better man for it.  Pine Lodge not only introduced a zipline to the public, but also a new high ropes course.  The high ropes course consist of two levels with four challenges per level.. We only had time to do the bottom level which is about five meters off the ground.  To get to it you warm up on a little rickety bridge…


Ziplining at Pine Lodge

Looking for something a little different to do around Port Elizabeth this summer?  Why not try out Pine Lodge's zipline?  Even though it's been there for probably a year or two now, Pine Lodge has decided to really start pushing all the activities one can do at the resort to both in-house guests as well as locals and other visitors to the city.  The three slide zipline is located right next to the resort and is nice and easy to…

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