Shark Rock Pier in sepia

Last night we headed down to the beachfront for the annual Opening of the Season festivities. The highlight of the evening is a fireworks display from Shark Rock Pier at Hobie Beach. I will post a couple of fireworks pics tomorrow. We found a good spot from where we had a nice view of the pier and settled in for our wait until the fireworks started at 20:30. Just after sunset the view across to the pier was beautiful, and seeing that I had my camera and tripod on hand (duh!) I decided to take a couple of pictures.

When I had a look at the pics just now I wondered what it will look like in sepia. And this is what came out of it. I actually like the sepia view. It gives it a certain atmosphere (I don’t know what kind, but it does have something to it).

And just for those who wonder what it looks like in colour, here it is.

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  1. gina

    what a pretty place to enjoy festivities. i like the sepia and color. 🙂

  2. Alice

    love the light!!!

  3. Janet

    I also like the sepia one – adds a sense of mystery for me. Looking forward to seeing the firework photos – would love to try that!!

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