Silver ocean

We have had a fairly mild winter with lots of summery winters weather over the last few months. Heading down to the Port Elizabeth beachfront a couple of weekends ago it would have been easy to think that you were sucked into some kind of time warp and spewed out in the middle of summer. The beachfront was just about packed. The only reason you knew it was still winter was that there was nobody in the (somewhat cold) water.There…


Aloe silhouette

I took this pic on my whistle stop visit to the Gamtoos Valley recently. I couldn't resist sticking the sun behind the aloe and when I downloaded the pics I decided that I wanted to see it in sepia as well. I am quite impressed, even if I have to say so myself.


Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't the biggest thing around here in South Africa. There are a couple of shops that sell some Halloween party decorations and gimmicks, but other than the odd Halloween party here and there, it kinda passes us by without much of a hoohaa. But I do want to wish my American and Canadian blogging friends a Happy Halloween though. At a loss of anything scarier to post, I'm featuring a picture taken in the historic St Mary's Cemetery.


Sulphur Tuft mushrooms

When you see a scene like this you tend to want to sit down and just watch quietly to see when the pixies and fairies arrive. These are Sulphur Tuft mushrooms. They normally grow on dead hardwood trees and can be up to 70 millimetres in diameter. The stems are 50 - 200 x 2 - 10 millimetres and join to other stems at the base. These I also photographed at Sleepy Hollow.


Angels praying

Angels bowing their heads in silence And in sepia... not just because I can, but because I think it looks good. It gives it a certain something which the colour doesn't.


Shark Rock Pier in sepia

Last night we headed down to the beachfront for the annual Opening of the Season festivities. The highlight of the evening is a fireworks display from Shark Rock Pier at Hobie Beach. I will post a couple of fireworks pics tomorrow. We found a good spot from where we had a nice view of the pier and settled in for our wait until the fireworks started at 20:30. Just after sunset the view across to the pier was beautiful, and…