Things to do in Port Elizabeth this summer – Grab a backpack and take a hike

There is an Afrikaans folk song that goes, Dis heerlike Lente, die Winter's verby... (It's time for Spring now that Winter has passed - doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same in English though) which means Summer is fast approaching.  Longer days, better weather and spending more time outdoors over weekends.  Plus the holiday season is coming up quicker than my sausage dogs when I open the fridge.  With an eye on said better weather and upcoming holiday season, I…


Sunrise at Shark Rock Pier

I was early getting to work this morning so I kept going past my normal turnoff and pulled into the parking at Hobie Beach to see if I can snap a nice sunrise picture at the pier...


Silver seas

Whenever there is a big cold front approaching the fishing boats fishing off Algoa Bay sails into the bay to seek shelter against the storm.  They normally anchor just offshore and wait out the storm before heading back out to continue fishing.   



Koningstrand is een van Port Elizabeth se bekendste en mees gewilde strande en strek van die hawemuur tot by die McArthur swembadkompleks.  Die naam kom vanaf die Britse koninklike besoek van 1947 toe die koninklike trein langs die strand getrek is en 'n deel van die strand blykbaar omhein is vir die ekslusiewe gebruik van die koninklike familie.  Die prinsesse het op die strand gaan perdry terwyl die koning ook daar gaan swem het.  Plaaslik is begin om na die…

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Sunny day by the Pier

Today is National Human Rights Day in South Africa and the start of silly season as far as public holidays go over the next two months.  Lots of long weekends to come which means lots of opportunities for break aways and #shotleft weekend. From the looks of it we are in for a beautiful weekend this weekend and here's hoping that all the others would be the same.  Stunning autumn weather is just as good as summer so the PE beachfront…

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Sunday afternoon fishing

Sunday afternoons is family time and most families choose to relax.  Some spend it at home, others on the beach, some go for a Sunday afternoon drive, some go Geocaching (yes, that's us) and so I can go on.  This couple spent it fishing from the rocks at Maitland west of Port Elizabeth, . 

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Fisherman on the Wildside

Unlike my brother who has provincial colours for fresh water fishing, I'm not a fisherman.  I don't have the patience for it.  I would much rather go for a walk with my camera and find something interesting to photograph.  Perhaps its the same thing, just different.  Its the same with Geocaching.  I can spend hours doing it while others see it as a waste of time because other than a smiley face on my geocache map and my name on…


Shark Rock Pier on a sunny day

Everybody loved the beach in summer, but there is no reason not to love it in winter as well.  Specially on a warm sunny day like today.  Only difference is you can't go for a swim.  Personally I think winter is the best time for long walks on the beach or the adjoining boardwalk.  At least the sun doesn't burn my ever growing forehead as much.