Santa’s beach hangout

On a geocaching outing along Marine Drive the other day, Chaos Boy was very chuffed to find the spot where Santa hangs out during the year.  The painted rock is visible from the road but not as well known as the bikini tree lady on Buffelsfontein Road.

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  1. Gaelyn

    How fun. Santa's a smart guy for hanging out on the beach.

  2. Firefly

    I would hang out at the beach in my off time if I was him as well

  3. Jo

    I never knew FC hung out here either! HA-ha Jonker, why am I not surprised that you knew you were the man in Port Elizabeth. Thanks for your comments today. I've had an irritation with a blog reader here in Tz who criticized something I wrote about to ANOTHER friend in town. Grrr. So that 's partly what my post that day was about. Oh, BTW I think the painter thought I was a crazy lady but he took the photos nevertheless. And posed for me from above! Great to have you as a follower and there's nothing wrong with the way you write about the interesting places in and around PE. Have a great day. Jo