South American Grafitti

One of the things that I picked up on the South American trip is that there is a huge amount of grafitti around. Specially in Sau Paulo it is on everything. On some buildings you stand in awe and try to figure out how it got on walls several floors up from the ground. Grafitti is such an problem that most of the statues and monuments are fenced off with wooden fencing to stop people from drawing grafitti on them.

This was thr first grafitti I saw up close. It was just next to the hotel in Sao Paulo. It looked very informal.

The grafitti above was along a road in Sao Paulo. It was quite a lot of grafitti and very artistically done. Very “comic book” like.

This lot was in Buenos Aires. I saw it the morning I went to see Eveta’s grave and looks like typical scribble on the wall grafitti.

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  1. Karin

    The first two are very interesting – quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. Never realised that grafitti would make such interesting photos.

  2. Ann

    I Definately see grafitti as an art form, although I do agree these can be sprayed in the most inappropriate places, google in “Banksy” and have a look at the UK’s most famous grafitti artist, great shots well done.

  3. sarah-jane

    i lurve good grafitti! some of these guys havve got serious talent! good job…

  4. Suzi-k

    it is amazing what a universal language grafitti has become, I would have expected more of a cultural difference, but those could be from just about any big city, interesting!