The view from Kirkwood Lookout

On Friday I took part in the Skäl Nelson Mandela Bay’s annual Tourism Amazing Race.  This year it took place in the beautiful Sundays River Valley north of Port Elizabeth.  I purposely left my camera behind as the team I was in went all out to defend our title from last year.  In the end we came in first but due to a 5min penalty got relegated to second.  Just to show how competitive the race between the top teams were its important to mention that the third team only came in 30 minutes later.  During the race we got to visit a number of interesting and historic places around the valley and I was kinda sorry that, firstly, I didn’t have my camera and, secondly, I didn’t have time to really take in all the places we went to.  I really need to take a day or two to go and explore.

I do have two photos of the valley that I took from Lookout at Kirkwood when we were up there for the Kirkwood Wildsfees.  The valley is mostly an agricultural area with citrus being farmed.  Because of its close proximity to the Addo Elephant National Park there is a lot of guest lodges in the area and perhaps one of them read this post and invites me for a couple of nights to come and experience the valley a bit more. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

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  1. Shefetswe

    If you need a travel companion let me know. I also missed it all as it sped by while trying to defend that title.

  2. Janet

    Beautiful! Hope you get your invite 😉

  3. Margaret

    Amazing race?What a beautiful valley!