Sand Sledding on the dunes at Colchester

Last week I got to check out the new sand sledding activity in Colchester.  Addo Sand Sledding is presented by The Sundays River Ferry and includes a leisurely cruise down the Sundays River towards the river mouth, a climb to the top of the dunes for the awesome view across Algoa bay back towards Port Elizabeth and then sand sledding.  Les Kingma had special sand sleds designed and made and believe you me, it is an awesome experience enjoyed by all ages.  The oldest person in our group was 76 and he made it look like a breeze.  I still need to process my pictures and video I took and will post about the experience on The Firefly Photo Files as soon as I get a chance, but here is a video of the day uploaded by Les yesterday.  You can see me take a turn at 2:30 into the video and look out for the spectacular wipeout (the only one of the day) by Paul Miedema of Calabash Tour right after me. 

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  1. Jo

    You did an elegant turn at the end, Jonker. And Paul's wipeout was spectacular, for sure. The ladies seem very good at this sport!

  2. mike

    Seems like good, harmless fun.

  3. Gemma Wiseman

    Looks like a grand activity that would appeal to all ages.

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