Discover the Sundays River Valley and Greater Addo route

[youtube=]The brand new destination promotion video for the Sundays River Valley and Greater Addo area have recently been released by Addo Tourism and ECTOUR showing how stunning this area right on Port Elizabeth's doorstep is.  It also illustrates what I'vebeen saying for a while now, that Addo is a fully fledged destination now and so much more than just elephants.  Please share it around on social media if you enjoy it.


Riverside breakfast

Late last week I had a meeting at Dungbeetle River Lodge on the Sundays River in Colchester.  The owners always have lekker snacks and lunch lined up when we have a meeting there and this time was no different.  Best of all, the weather was perfect and we could have our meeting on the deck overlooking the river.  Yes, that's the deck in the back of the picture with the river just below. 


Spotlight on the Mackay Bridge

The Colchester area east of Port Elizabeth was a very busy spot in the mid 1800 and early 1900s, as it had the only pont over the Sundays River on the main road between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown. The original pont was washed away in 1874 and a second one in 1875. A bridge was commissioned in 1884 and opened on 5th March 1895. It was called the Mackay Bidge, in honour of John Mackay who's efforts resulted in its…

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Sand sledding at Colchester

The Sundays River Ferry recently launched the newest activity to add to the area's diverse mix of  things to do.  Sand Sledding.  Sand sledding is an easier option than sand boarding as you don't have to worry about keeping your balance or falling hard.  The experience starts with a cruise down the Sundays River on the ferry before hitting the dunes.  The boards are custom made and resembles snow sleds.  The instructor shows you exactly what to do and believe me,…


Colchester Dune view

A trip out to Colchester to try out the new Addo Sand Sledding experience meant that I had the opportunity to climb the dunes next to the Sundays River again to enjoy the magnificent view over the dunes and Algoa Bay towards Port Elizabeth.  I caught my friend Erenei snapping a couple of pics at the top and made him sit and hold his pose for a while for me to get a few pics of my own.  Always nice to…

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Sundays River Mouth

We've all driven past the Sundays River at Colchester while on the N2, but have you ever wondered what the river mouth look like.  I can't say that I have actually been to the river mouth before, but I have seen it from the top of the dunes at Colchester.


Sundays River

The view from the top of the dunes at Colchester is amazing.  On the one side you look down on the Sundays River flowing down towards Algoa Bay while the view the other way is across Algoa Bay towards Port Elizabeth with St Croix Island in-between. The Sundays River is said to be the fastest flowing river in South Africa.  It was originally known as the Nukakamma (Grassy River) by the Khoisan because the river's banks are always green and grassy.  The river…


Sand Sledding on the dunes at Colchester

[youtube=]Last week I got to check out the new sand sledding activity in Colchester.  Addo Sand Sledding is presented by The Sundays River Ferry and includes a leisurely cruise down the Sundays River towards the river mouth, a climb to the top of the dunes for the awesome view across Algoa bay back towards Port Elizabeth and then sand sledding.  Les Kingma had special sand sleds designed and made and believe you me, it is an awesome experience enjoyed by…