Ruins of St Peter’s Church

Part of the ruins of St Peter’s Church in South End. Built in 1877, the church was partly demolished by the apartheid government to prevent members of the congregation to return after the community was forcibly removed in 1965. For more info and pictures, visit The Firefly Photo Files.
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  1. Anne

    Love to see picturea of old arcitecture againgst the sky. So this picture run right into my heart.Thank you for let me see it 🙂

  2. prkl

    sad to see such nice building demoliced. and for what? people.. great capture for SWF!

  3. Steffi

    Your pics are always fantastic!Great shot!Happy SWF!


    Interesting photo! Old ruins against a blue sky, beautiful!

  5. Yogi♪♪♪

    Great picture. Grim piece of history though.

  6. Babooshka

    Brilliant blue sky filtering through that beautiful ruin.

  7. vincibene

    Beautiful picture! I love the contrast from the ruins against the blue sky.

  8. Sharon Ellery

    Great contrast and an interesting place.Sharon

  9. Arija

    What a sad fate for the church and congregation.

  10. erin

    a great shot…like the composition and the color and textue…sad, sad story about how it came to be in this condition though. thanks for sharing.

  11. TCKK

    What a great photo! Happy SWF!

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