Kite surfing

The wind out at Cape St Francis was just right for the kite surfers to come out and play. The wind was on-shore and the guys were gunning it up and down the beach in the shallows.
Chaos Boy was mesmerised by these guys being dragged around the sea by their big kites. I imagined him thinking something like: “One day when I’m big…”

A close-up of one of the kite surfers as he came past us

Go and visit Skywatch. The photos are great and the sky is the limit.

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  1. Steffi

    Great photos of the kite surfers!The blue sky looks fantastic!Have a nice weekend !

  2. Karin

    It does look like a lot of fun! I also love watching these guys, love it when they jump so high!

  3. CTG Ponies

    That looks like a really intense sport!!

  4. Photo Cache

    That looks like so much fun. If only I’m not that afraid of heights……

  5. Will

    Great photos! Lovely blue skies and action photos.

  6. Gennasus

    Love the bright kites against the sky!

  7. kden

    That looks like so much fun. Great sky shot, a beautiful blue. Also loved your lighthouse shots below. I love anything lighthouse 😉

  8. Regina

    Nice capture of the kites..the second photo looks wonderful.

  9. Arija

    Great shots, I think he was thinking: soon I’ll be doing that.

  10. Janet

    I have always wanted to try that. It looks like such a blast! I love the way you have captured the pink kite! Stunning!

  11. Secret Mom Thoughts

    Great shots of the kite surfers. I love the contrast of the pink sail and the blue sky and water.

  12. Owlfarmer

    Wow! I so want to be there!

  13. Erin

    beautiful captures…looks like fun but probably has a long learning curve to master doing it…thanks for sharing

  14. Pouty Lips

    Nothing is prettier to me than blue sky and blue water.

  15. The Explorer

    Not only the boy dreams to experience that, even me and my version will be like this…I hope that someday..when I get old…c”,) Photos are cool.

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