Patterns and textures at InniKloof

Hiking to the Waterfall at InniKoof outside Hankey wasn't just about the beautiful views and the waterfalls.  It was also about patterns, textures and colours.  Nature really offers us so much more than the big pictures.  I haven't done a Random ... post for a while so here is one.  Random patterns and textures from the InniKloof Waterfall Hike.

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50 Shades of Grey… and Orange

Our weekend in St Francis Bay gave me the perfect material for a Random.... post.  This time random shades of grey and orange. Orange, grey and white flowing together on the rocks along Cape St Francis' Wild Side on the walk to the blow hole.  This rock I found on the walk to Shark Point had me dotty...Check out the different colours of clay used by this swallow in building its nest on the porch at Dune Ridge Country House.  Now this…

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Karoo Heartland Churches

Looking through everything I have that still needs to be posted I decided to take three Karoo churches and make up one Random... Karoo churches post.  Just about every small town in the Karoo Heartland of the Eastern Cape has a remarkable church of some sort.  Cradock must have one of the most memorable Karoo Heartland churches there are.  It stands at the top of Church Street and is known as the ``Mother" Church.  The church was completed in 1868 on the same site as the…

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Random stones

Its been a while since I've done a "Random ..." themed post, so here is one.  On a trip up the old Zuurberg Pass from the Karoo side, I discovered an old kraal wall perfectly built without any cement.  Put together like a puzzle.Cobble stones on the beach at Schoenmakerskop in Port ElizabethAnother historic building.  The wall of the stables at Fort Peddie between Grahamstown and King William's Town, dating back to about 1835.  This time, unlike in the first picture,…

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Random elephant “did you knows”

I haven't done a "Random ..." post in ages, so for today I'm doing three Random elephant did you knows.  An elephant's trunk, which is a fusion of their nose and upper lip, contains over 100,000 different muscles.  African Elephants also have two finger like features on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab small items with.  Indian Elephants on the other hand only has one of those "fingers".  An elephant can lift up to 350kg with their trunks. Elephants have…

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Spier Wine Estate – various view part 2

Today's post is the second part of the random Spier Wine Estate pictures I posted on WednesdaySpier is a biodynamic farm and in addition to their healthy vineyards, they also have extensive tracts of land that is used to farm with cattle, sheep and chickens. All contributing to the fertility of the soil and providing to the operations on the estate.I didn't get to do a wine tasting on my visit but one of the things that interested me was…


Spier Wine Estate – various views part 1

Spier must be one of the most popular wine estates in the Cape Winelands by far due to their diverse offer to visitors.  This ranges from the traditional wine tastings to outstanding restaurants and things like Segway Tours, combining traditional wine estate activities with historic and modern aspects and throwing in a bit of adventure.  This is part one of two posts showing off some of the sights to be seen when visiting Spier. Like every wine estate the focus is on... the wine of…


Clock towers

I haven't done a Random ... post for ages and these two church towers have cropped up, ideal for a Random Church Towers post. Roberston Dutch Reformed Church tower Montagu Dutch Reformed Church tower

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On the rocks

Oh how I wish I could spend the day sitting on the rocks like this and just stare out at sea.  I did have a super relaxing looooong weekend, but now its shoulder to the wheel till after Tourism Indaba.  The next two weeks are going to be seriously hectic at work so please excuse if the posts doesn't have a lot of information in them. If I did decide to slip away to stare at the bay, I would probably…