River mouth

The Swartkops River is the biggest river in Port Elizabeth (and here I’m not counting the Sundays River because technically its not in PE).  Its so sad that the river has major pollution problems upstream from Uitenhage down towards the estauray.  The kids got to see the river mouth for the first time the other day during our geocaching trip to Bluewater Bay.  Chaos Boy just kept asking how deep it was and if he could walk through it.  Drama Princess was a little bit more cautious as you can see in the picture and kept slightly back.

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  1. Margaret

    There seems to be a lot of sand. I think it is interesting that you and your family do geocaching. I've often thought that would be fun (if I ever get caught up on all my other projects!)Margaret

  2. Gemma Wiseman

    Intriguing place! Looks as if the river's mouth is struck with many a sandbar, slowing down the last flow of the river! Lovely photo!

  3. Gaelyn

    He is such an inquisitive kid. Did you wade?

  4. Roché Petersen

    For our foreign visitors, it would perhaps shed some light on the “major pollution problems upstream from Uitenhage” to know that there are some major industries such as the Gubb & Inngs wool plant as well as Volkswagen SA and Goodyear along the river. Port Elizabeth is the port of export for the Karoo region which is SA's wool and mohair farming region. With Volkswagen, Goodyear, General Motors, Firestone etc, PE is also known as the “Detroit of South Africa”.