Township kiddies

If you ever go on a proper Township Tour the guide will probably take you to one of the local schools or creches that their company supports. One of the tours I went on a little while ago took us to a community project that started as a feeding scheme for small children and developed into a day care and pre-school. Although the tour company gives the project a percentage of the fee that tourists pay for the tour, visitors always make some donations to the school or take along stationary and the like. Through the help of tourists many such projects are run throughout the townships of Port Elizabeth.

The kids always love it when the visitors take pictures of them during the visits. After the photos is taken they all line up to see the image on the camera’s screen. The photo may not be a artistic picture of any kind, but I love the emotion from the kids. It doesn’t matter what kind of circumstances these kids live in, they are always happy, laughing and playing. Enjoying life, even if they are being short changed. I often think that kids in rich neighbourhoods can learn something from these kids on how to enjoy childhood.

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  1. Ann

    How right you are, that is pure joy on the childrens faces, we all could learn from these beautiful children…..being contented and happy costs nothing. As for the pic I think its fantastic, I love it, it captures a special moment, and made me smile, such gorgeous children, so top marks from me :0)

  2. Karin

    Yes, it is amazing how they are always smiling, so enthusiastic and optimistic! And your image is very special. Ann said it exactly right – you captured a special moment and I really love it. Well done.

  3. Barb

    You captured such beautiful smiles! Made me smile too. I wanted to reach right through my screen and give each one a big hug.B:-)

  4. kcblog

    Smiles are priceless when captured like this! Then to have them look at their photograph, the thrill it must have been for you to entertain the kids like that. Nice job and subject. kc daily photo blog

  5. Jo

    Those have got to be the cutest, shiniest, happiest little faces I have ever seen…!

  6. Perry

    All I can do is chime in with the above comments. Great photo of some great kids. And you are right, those kids that have it all could learn an awful lot from those without. It disturbs me to work with kids that have anything they want (let alone needs) and do nothing but complain. My heart goes out to these kids. Thanks for sharing and go back and take a picture of them for me….just make them smile.

  7. Bayekeni

    I like each and every comment I saw here in this blog….. pefectly this guy is right when saying those kids who got everything they want should learn a great way of enjoying them self. they shall use what they have to make them have fun thanx bro… you said it all for me