The beach at Bluewater Bay

Bluewater Bay Beach stretching away towards the Coega Harbour hidden somewhere in the haze on the horizon.  I made a quick stop to snap a picture or two while on my way elsewhere but have to make a plan to return some time soon for a walk along the beach.  The beach is great for land based whale watching as the whales are often spotted not very far behind the surf line.

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Bluewater Bay beach aerial

[youtube=]I was looking for a video for this week's Video Friday post and found this aerial drone footage of Bluewater Bay beach by Christopher Moodley of Epic Moovies on YouTube.  Bluewater Bay is probably Port Elizabeth's most underrated beach and this video shows how beautiful a stretch of white beach it is.UPDATE: My sincerest apologies.  He seemed to have removed all the videos from his YouTube channel.

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Lifesavers in action

I made a quick stop in Bluewater Bay a week or so ago on my way out to Addo.  While taking a couple of photos at the Swartkops River Mouth a team from the Bluewater Bay Surf Lifesaving Club was called out to assist with an incident on the river.  They quickly towed the waveski out to the water and two lifeguards set off upstream. I don't think guys like these get enough credit for what they do.

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Aloe view of Swartkops River mouth

My three favorite flowers in the wild are aloes, proteas and arum lilies.  The aloes are in full bloom at the moment and gives colour to the winter landscape.  A hike along the Aloe Trail at Bluewater Bay took as to this spot from where we could see Amsterdamhoek and the Swartkops River mouth with flowering aloes in the foreground.


Drama Princess leading the way

Its amazing how different from each other one's own children can be.  Drama Princess is the sporty outdoorsy type while Chaos Boy is happy to sit and watch tv or play in his room.  The other day when I announced that I was meeting Shefetswe and Sanhain at the Aloe Trail for a quick 6km hike and a couple of Geocaches, Drama Princess quickly got ready to go with while Chaos Boy just blew us off and went back to…


Aloe Trail viewpoint

Last weekend a couple of us went for a late afternoon walk along the Aloe Trail at Bluewater Bay to find the Geocaches placed on the trail.  I make sure I always have my camera at hand and I snapped Drama Princess enjoying the view towards the Swartkops River without her knowing.

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Aloes silhouette

The aloes are in full bloom at the moment and an late afternoon walk along the Aloe Trail in Bluewater Bay gave me the opportunity to grab this picture along the way

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Tracks on the sand

The Swartkops Estuary is well known for its waders and other water birds making it an awesome bird watching spot.  But its not always about the birds themselves like the scene in the picture of the spoor of a bird that went for a walk along the river bank.


River mouth

The Swartkops River is the biggest river in Port Elizabeth (and here I'm not counting the Sundays River because technically its not in PE).  Its so sad that the river has major pollution problems upstream from Uitenhage down towards the estauray.  The kids got to see the river mouth for the first time the other day during our geocaching trip to Bluewater Bay.  Chaos Boy just kept asking how deep it was and if he could walk through it.  Drama Princess…