A Mandela quote for today

The time for healing of the wounds has come,The moment to bridge the chasm that divides us has come,The time to build is upon us.These words were spoken by Nelson Mandela in 1994 and is on display along Route 67 on the Donkin Reserve.  Words which are as appropriate today as it was back in 1994. 

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Port Elizabeth’s Mandela figure

The Mandela figure at the head of The Voting Line piece on the Donkin Reserve has become a very popular photographic subject since it's installation as part of Route 67 either on it's own or with people posing next to it.  It is sad though that this is the only Mandela figure that visitors get to see with the only two others ones I know of being a life-size figure standing inside City Hall and the Madiba Shirt piece on…

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A tribute to Madiba – Johnny Clegg’s Asimbonanga

https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/XTQyXq-f_Is&source=udsToday is the 1 year anniversary of the death of our beloved Nelson Mandela.  As Port Elizabeth forms part of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro I decided to make today's Friday Video a tribute to Madiba.  I picked up this one of Johnny Clegg doing Asimbonanga  along with a group of kids specially for today. 

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Goodbye Madiba

This morning the world woke up to the news that the father of a democratic South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has passed away.  I don't want to write a whole long post about him because every newspaper, magazine and news website there is will have his whole life story.  I just want to say that on this day we shouldn't just mourn this great man, but also celebrate his life and what he did for peace in South Africa.  May his memory…