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We need your help! It is SOOOO hard trying to select our best photo for the 1st January Monthly theme. As this is quite a new blog, we didn’t want to redo any of the ones we have already posted, so these are all new ones. We finally pinned it down to 12 (they are not the absolute best, because those were taken out of PE, but we decided to stick to PE photos for this challenge.) Please look through the slideshow, make a note of the name of the one you like best, and drop us a comment, we’d be so grateful for the help.
(if the captions don’t show, click on the little quote bubble on the bottom left)

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  1. Sonia

    Wow! Really, it is so hard to select the best photo! All them are gorgeous! I saw four times the slideshow. So I choose Rainy Day in Richmond and Looking over the Harbour. I wish to you and yours a Wonderful New Year!

  2. Hyde DP

    I like the moonset very much and also rainy day but my favourite of these is the lighthouse one

  3. Firefly

    Hi MaxNice pics as always. The one Looking over the Harbour immediately caught my attention. I think a dawn photo is ideal for the first one of the year. The dawn of a new year.

  4. Kate

    Moon set over St. Phillips gets my vote!

  5. Neva

    wow..what great photos…..I like them all and am surprised you could narrow it down to 12!!! I like the rainy day one the best, I think…

  6. Jenty

    The rainy day one with the misty church is my favourite

  7. CrazyCow

    All great, but since I have to choose … Lighthouse and Sunrise.

  8. sam

    Thanks guys, this helps a lot! It is so hard to be subjective about your own photos!

  9. Anonymous

    Rainy day gets my vote. Happy new year!

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