Monthly Theme: Paths and Passages Cora Terrace

The daily photo theme for this month is "paths and passages" and we have decided to feature Cora Terrace, which is one of the gems of Port Elizabeth Central. It is seen here in the early hours of the morning with its beautifully maintained Victorian homes. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


Monthly Theme Day: Sister Cities

Port Elizabeth seems to be part of a large family, and has a few sister cities, including Tainan in Taiwan, and Jacksonville, Florida as well as Palm Desert, California,in USA!The one I have always felt was the closest relation is Gothenberg in Sweden. When Panoramio first started on Google Earth, and there was a small community of photographers who all corresponded and knew each other, a guy called Andreas Elmquist from Gothenberg used to post pix, and I was putting…


Monthly Theme Day: My local Corner Store

This little cafe, round the corner from our house, is one of that dying breed of old fashioned family stores, which sell everything. You can't imagine how it all fits into the small space, but no matter what obscure item you ask for (enamelled coffee cup, paraffin lamp, fishing tackle, you name it) they seem to have it in stock.It is in Richmond Hill, and as you can see from the architecture, was built some time in the 1930s. It…


Monthly Theme Day, numbers

There are so many ways in which numbers are invaluable in a City. House numbers, telephone numbers, dates on buildings, and of course, they are particularly significant on headstones. So much of a City's history can be gleaned from the information on old gravestones, like this one in Russell Road. There were many Irish amongst the early settlers. Many City blogs around the world are participating in this Monthly Theme.Click here to view thumbnails for all participantsAlbuquerque (NM), USA by…


April Theme Day: Water

Next time you turn on a tap and clean drinking water flows out, spare a thought for those who have to pump theirs out of the ground! This old water pump is in the courtyard at 7 Castle Hill, the oldest residence in Port Elizabeth still in existence, now a fascinating Historical Museum.I am sure there will be lots of interesting interpretaions on this month's theme, Here are links to help you pay these participants a visit.Adelaide, Australia by Gordon,…


March 2008 Theme Day: Graffiti or street mural

The retaining wall of the Grand Hotel, on Whites Road, has a delightful mural depicting the Jazz Cafe inside. Sadly, the damp in the wall means it is deteriorating fast, so we are lucky to catch it while we still can. We featured another section of this mural in a previous post.Many others around the world are participating in this theme, so to see more fascinating street art, do pop in and pay them a visit.Adelaide, Australia by Gordon, Albuquerque…


February Theme Day: When People think of PE, they think of….

Beachfront holidays, wonderful weather offering fun in the sun on sweeping expanses of white sand, safe swimming, the Pier, and the entertainment complexes around it.Many other City Daily Photo Blogs around the world are also participating in this theme, pop in and pay them a visit.Portland (OR), USA - Menton, France - Monte Carlo, Monaco - Memphis (Tennessee), USA - Manila, Philippines - San Diego (CA), USA - Anderson (SC), USA - New York City (NY), USA - San Diego…


January Theme, best photo of the year.

Because it is SOOOO hard trying to select our best photo for today's theme, we requested help over the last few days to decide on the best shot. Thanks to all those who checked them out and gave your opinions. Based on the results, the Rainy Day in Richmond Park is the one we are using. As we explained, because this is quite a new blog, we didn't want to redo any of the ones we have already posted just…


Please Help us to select…..

We need your help! It is SOOOO hard trying to select our best photo for the 1st January Monthly theme. As this is quite a new blog, we didn't want to redo any of the ones we have already posted, so these are all new ones. We finally pinned it down to 12 (they are not the absolute best, because those were taken out of PE, but we decided to stick to PE photos for this challenge.) Please look through…