Pasella shoot at East Cape Horse Care Unit

One more photo of the Pasella shoot in Port Elizabeth for the insert about Geocaching.  Here the presenter and I meet up with the KidZ at the East Cape Horse Care Unit for the second cache of the day.  This was my third shoot in front of the cameras with Pasella and every time I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unlike what some people may think, it isn’t a quick process though.  The insert was probably only about 5 minutes in length but the shoot started at 9:30 am and only ended at about 6:00 pm that afternoon.  The Damselfly compared it to watching paint dry.  I loved every moment of it.

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  1. Jo

    OMW you are the veritable TV actor in my blogger friend list. Wow! I had heard that a short clip takes about eight hours to film. Glad you enjoyed it.