Pasella shoot at East Cape Horse Care Unit

One more photo of the Pasella shoot in Port Elizabeth for the insert about Geocaching.  Here the presenter and I meet up with the KidZ at the East Cape Horse Care Unit for the second cache of the day.  This was my third shoot in front of the cameras with Pasella and every time I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unlike what some people may think, it isn't a quick process though.  The insert was probably only about 5 minutes in…

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Geocaching in Port Elizabeth on Pasella

Over the last year I have become absolutely addicted to Geocaching.  Maybe that's an understatement.  I was addicted from day 1.  In December the crew from Pasella, an Afrikaans magazine program on SABC 2, was in town to shoot an insert about Geocaching in Port Elizabeth for the show.  Their "guide" during this adventure.... yours truly.  I even got the KidZ to briefly appear in the insert.  I did three caches around PE with them, at St Georges park, the East…

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Television crew at Cape Recife

I'm usually behind the camera taking pictures for my blogs or occasionally assisting visiting television crews with info about the city, but on Pasella's last visit I actually got to be in front of the camera as well.  Here the crew is filming the presenter asking questions at the Cape Recife Lighthouse before I got my turn to tell them more about the history of the lighthouse and surrounding area.


Pasella shoot at SAMREC

Late last year the crew from SABC 2 magazine programme Pasella was in town to shoot a couple of inserts.  The one day was spent in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve where I was one of two guides taking them around showing off the coastline, history and plants in the reserve.  One of the stops was at the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC) where they were told more about the work the centre does with African Penguins. …

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Eye on Art

I was part of a very delightful and well supported art walk which visited a number of art galleries around Central.  The Eye on Art television crew accompanied us on the walk to film it as an insert. Eye on Art is a weekly interactive, lifestyle magazine show on Bay TV, specialising on the art scene through the artist's eye.  It broadcasts on Saturdays at 17:30 with repeats on Sundays at 12.30pm, Tuesdays at 7pm & Wednesdays at 11am.  Bay TV can be seen free to air…

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Drama Princess’ tv debut

Last week I took the Kidz along on a guided walk following Route 67, organised and hosted by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and the Mandela Bay Development Agency.  Bay TV's Eye on Art crew covered the walk and at one stage did a couple of interviews with participants.  Drama Princess was in the right place at the right time and had the opportunity to make her television debut. I hope its the first of many television appearances for her.

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Mathilda’s Pasella shoot

Last week the crew from the SABC 2 Afrikaans magazine program Pasella was in Port Elizabeth to shoot a couple of stories.  The one story involved vintage cars and a bit of history of Port Elizabeth.  I needed to organise them somebody to interview regarding the Donkin Reserve and as I have been on Pasella before with regards to this same subject I needed to get them somebody else.  I asked my colleague Mathilda and she hesitantly accepted, although getting a…

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Top Billing crew at Royalston

The crew from SABC 3 magazine program Top Billing was in town a week or so ago as part of the Top Billing Presenter Search competition.  The competition is an "Idols" type competition held all over the country looking for a new presenter for the popular show.  While they were in town I had the fortunate opportunity to take them around to a couple of places for them to film for the show.  One of the places we visited was…