Donkey sanctuary kitty cat

We popped in for a quick visit with the donkeys at the East Cape Horse Care Unit the other morning and Drama Princess nearly left with their friendly cat.  I don't think our Daxies would have been too happy if she did though.

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Feeding the donkeys

On Saturday we stopped by the East Cape Horse Care Unit based at Animal Welfare on Victoria Drive for the first time in a while to visit the donkeys.  Naturally we took a bag of carrots along but clearly we didn't have enough.  Will have to visit again quite soon. "Hey, did you bring us some carrots?""Don't hold it so far, I can barely reach..."


Pasella shoot at East Cape Horse Care Unit

One more photo of the Pasella shoot in Port Elizabeth for the insert about Geocaching.  Here the presenter and I meet up with the KidZ at the East Cape Horse Care Unit for the second cache of the day.  This was my third shoot in front of the cameras with Pasella and every time I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unlike what some people may think, it isn't a quick process though.  The insert was probably only about 5 minutes in…

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Why you come empty handed?

SAMREC and the East Cape Horse Care Unit are my two favorite animal good causes.  Both places do an amazing job, one for penguin conservation and the other for donkeys and horses in the townships.  I don't have a lot of time to give to them but I try to do my part through giving exposure on my blog whenever I get the opportunity.  Popped by the donks the other day and this is the look I received when we ran out of…


Lining up for carrots

We popped into the East Cape Horse Care Unit last weekend and I just couldn't help snapping this pic of Drama Princess feeding the donks .  It looked like they were lining up to each get a turn for a carrot.


Feeding from afar

Chaos Boy, unlike Drama Princess, is a bit wary of the donks at the East Cape Horse Care Unit.  While Drama Princess doesn't mind getting close to them, Chaos Boy keeps a good distance between himself and the carrot munchers.

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Drama Princess and the Donkey

In celebration of National Women's Day today I have decided on posting a picture of Drama Princess at one of her favorite attractions in Port Elizabeth.  We may not hang out there often, but I try to visit the East Cape Horse Care Unit on Victoria Drive every now and then for her to spend some time with the donkeys.  The ECHCU really does an amazing job assisting the people from the nearby Walmer Township with the care of their donkeys.  Most…


Long eared beggers

"Hey dude, did you bring us any carrots?"  Ok so donkeys can't talk, but that's what I imagine these long eared ladies were saying during my last visit to the East Cape Horse Care Unit.

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