Nanaga Farm Stall

One would think that most people travelling to Port Elizabeth from the interior or down the coast would be in a hurry to get to their destination when they get to Nanaga, which is only 50 kilometers from the city.  But a lot of them suddenly take a little detour and stop at the Nanaga Farm Stall which is where the road out of Port Elizabeth split either up north or towards the east.  The Nanaga Farm Stall isn’t just another farm stall, its one of THE best farm stalls in South Africa.  Starting today I’m going to do a quick 4 part series featuring the Nanaga Farm stall.
43 years ago Lynn Lake started to sell cabbages from the boot of her car next to the N2.  Lynn’s husband George was a dairy farmer at Nanaga and soon Lynn came up with the idea of a more formal farm stall next to the road.  George built her a little stall and it wasn’t long before Lynn started selling fresh pineapple juice, pies and roosterkoek to passing travellers.  The farm stall grew and in 1998 Lynn’s daughter Leigh-Anne took over the running of it.  After the previous building got too small (and with some nudging by the National Roads Department who weren’t too happy with the dangerous access off the N2) a new building was built in its present position a stone’s throw away in 1998.  Their old customers still stop and have been joined by many new ones and the Nanaga Farm Stall has become what most other South African farm stalls can only endeavour to be. 

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  1. Gaelyn

    And their pies are really tasty too.

  2. Gaelyn

    I stopped there and their pies were delish.Great story of how they got started.