Honesty shop on the stoep

Towards the bottom of Martin Street in the village of Nieu-Bethesda stands a white Karoo house with a blue sign. blue cupboard(on the stoep)honesty shop The two words in the name that caught my eye immediately were "honesty shop". It was peculiar. Interesting. Strangely Karoo Heartland. Definitely worth checking out. On the stoep we found a variety of things. On the right-hand side mostly second-hand and antique items, books and other stuff. Nice and cheap as well. On the left-hand…

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Rest-a-While on Kragga Kamma Road

When was the last time you drove down Kragga Kamma Road to Coleen Glen? Been a while?  Have you ever noticed the little building on the right hand side not far from Cow's Corner?  Well that little building has a new tenant, a new jacket and a new purpose.  Rest-a-While (Pebble Springs) is the biggest little farm stall around.  Not so much a farm stall as in the traditional sense of the word, but who knows what it can develop into…


Having a ball at Baywest

We're usually home having a braai on a Saturday evening but today we headed to Baywest for some late afternoon shopping  and dinner while Chaosboy went ice skating with a friend.  The entertainment area and food court was buzzing all afternoon and got even busier as the sun went down with people (young and / or old) either going to the ice skate rink, movies or the restaurants.

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Shopping Centre Train

I wonder how many shopping centres have a kiddies train that do rounds though the centre like the one at Moffet-on-Main.  Moffet-on-Main is quite a popular spot for families with small children what with the Funky Frogs kiddies play area and a coffee shop for the moms (and dads) right next door.  Whoever added the train had a stroke of genius when they did that as it means that there are always kiddies around wanting to ride on it. So…

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Geek World SA is open in PE

Port Elizabeth geeks, fanboys (and girls), cosplayers and comic book lovers rejoiced today with the opening of Geek World SA at 189 Main Road Walmer.  Geek World SA stocks cosplay outfits, comic books, figurines, unique clothing, board games, fandom jewelry and lots more.  Looking at some people as they walked in to day was like watching kids enter a candy store.  The shop was packed all day long so I couldn't get any good pictures other than a quick cell phone…

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Bay West Development

In June (2013) construction started on the Bay West Mall just west of Sherwood in Port Elizabeth.  Construction on the first phase of this mega development next to the N2 is expected to be completed in 2015.  The development will cover about 300 ha when finished and will be focused around a 90000m² shopping centre.  The rest of the Bay West City Precinct will be made up of commercial and residential components and the whole project is said to take place over…


Mastertons – THE coffee people

Everybody (well I hope everybody) in Port Elizabeth knows that if you are into filter coffee, THE place to buy your coffee is Masterton's in Russell Road.  In actual fact, Masterton's coffee is available just about all over South Africa and is served in a lot of hotels and restaurants.  There is nothing like going to the Masterton's shop to buy your coffee directly and smell the coffee being roasted, a smell you get even when you just drive by in your car.  Masterton's…


Nanaga Farm Stall

One would think that most people travelling to Port Elizabeth from the interior or down the coast would be in a hurry to get to their destination when they get to Nanaga, which is only 50 kilometers from the city.  But a lot of them suddenly take a little detour and stop at the Nanaga Farm Stall which is where the road out of Port Elizabeth split either up north or towards the east.  The Nanaga Farm Stall isn't just another…


The wooden bunny puppet

Richmond Hill has really become one of the "in" places as far as restaurants and boutique shops go in Port Elizabeth.  I had a couple of minutes to spare while in the area and strolled into Decor on Irvine for a look.  The first thing that grabbed my attention as I walked in was the wooden rabbit with the big red heart.  Thank goodness I didn't have my wallet otherwise I would have been trying to find it a nice spot…

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On Saturday morning I bundled the family into the car and headed down to Retro-Pickers in Walmer.  Around every second corner there is a coffee shop these days, but Retro-Pickers is something refreshingly different.  Imagine an antique shop selling mostly retro items and clothing combined with a small personal coffee shop and you will have Retro-Pickers.  The coffee shop isn't very big with only three tables inside and another four outside making it a nice quiet spot to go for a chat and browse.  I…