Nanaga roosterkoek

Stopping at the Nanaga Farmstall for their delicious pies have become an institution over the years.  Not everybody is always in the mood for a pie though.  No problemo.  They also have mouthwatering roosterkoek.  I like mine with jam and cheese.  How do you like yours?

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Future dairy cows

The area around Nanaga and eastwards is one of the biggest dairy producing districts in the province.  These calves will one day form part of the milk producing herds at Nanaga Dairy Farm.

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Jam, jams and more jams

Today's post is the fourth and last in the mini series on Nanaga Farm Stall.  The sole purpose of it is to show that Nanaga is more than just pies and roosterkoek.  Amongst others they also have a fantastic selection of jams on sale.

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Roosterkoek at Nanaga

The Nanaga Farm Stall isn't just well known for their pies and fresh pineapple juice, but also for their roosterkoek.  In actual fact a lot of people prefer to buy their roosterkoek over their famous pies.  For those who doesn't know, roosterkoek is bread (buns) made on the grill over the coals.  The only difference is that at Nanaga they make it on gas.  The roosterkoek can be purchased as is, with butter, jam, cheese, jam & cheese or bacon & egg…

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Nanaga pies

After yesterday's first post about Nanaga Farm Stall you're probably wondering why all these people stop there.  There are a couple of reasons but the main reason is their pies.  Or let me say PIES.  And not just any old pies.  Proper pies.  Not those "filled with sauce and barely any meat" pies.  The pies are made on the premises from early morning and continuously right through the day.  Cheese and Bacon pies, Savoury pies, Chicken pies, Steak pies, Pepper…

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Nanaga Farm Stall

One would think that most people travelling to Port Elizabeth from the interior or down the coast would be in a hurry to get to their destination when they get to Nanaga, which is only 50 kilometers from the city.  But a lot of them suddenly take a little detour and stop at the Nanaga Farm Stall which is where the road out of Port Elizabeth split either up north or towards the east.  The Nanaga Farm Stall isn't just another…


Nanaga jams

The well known Nanaga Farmstall about 50 kilometers outside of Port Elizabeth may be famous for its pies, roosterkoek and pineapple juice, but there is so much more to see and purchase at the farm stall.  Amongst others they have a fantastic range of jams and jellies lined up on their shelves.