Monkey skull

I took Chaos Boy out to Seaview Game and Lion Park on Sunday morning while the girls attended a party. On display in the restaurant / shop area is a number of small animal skulls that they have found on the property over the years. The monkey skull was of particular interest to me and my camera.

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  1. Dot

    Yikes! Look at those teeth :o( Cool pics though!

  2. Janet

    Interesting! Never realised they had such BIG eye sockets!!

  3. Marcelle

    I'm glad I made you laugh…but my hubby tells me all the time I could not cope without him as I cant do anything on my own…Some how since living in Germany and having a husband I enjoy being useless!!!

  4. Faye Pekas

    Yes this is interesting. I like the monochrome touch in the second one. I had to check to see if that h air was on the skull or on my screen. lol

  5. Faye Pekas

    I REALLY like yesterdays post with the barbed wire. I did something like this once but yours turned out much better.