Antelope skull

A game drive through a reserve with predators are all about watching live game but more often than not one would encounter the remains of not so live game.  During our sundowner stop on a game drive at Kuzuko Lodge I found this lone skull out in the open very interesting.  Probably a kudu skull as there was a kudu horn lying close by, I can only imagine how he came about his end.  Must have been quite a sight…


Lion leftovers

You don't kick a lion kill out from behind every bush and very few people have had the opportunity to see the actual kill take place.  What you do get though are the remains of those kills.  Bones picked clean and bleached white by the sun.


Elephant Skull

Elephants are amazing animals and its not often one gets to see an elephant's skull. The other day I had the pleasure to see one up close at an exhibit. An elephant can weigh up to 5 or 6 tons which means that it's skull is of considerable size. The interesting thing about the skull is that its not solid bone, but consist of tubes like the inside of a plane's wing. The skull didn't have it's tusks in, but…


Giraffe horns

The giraffe... the world's tallest mammal. In Afrikaans a giraffe is called a kameelperd (camel horse). Just like a camel, the giraffe walks with both legs on each side of their body at the same time. But that's not what this post is about. Have you aver wondered about a giraffe's horns? Are they real horns or just tufts of hair? A giraffe has horns. I found this giraffe skull in the garden at Elephant's Footprint Lodge. In the picture…


Monkey skull

I took Chaos Boy out to Seaview Game and Lion Park on Sunday morning while the girls attended a party. On display in the restaurant / shop area is a number of small animal skulls that they have found on the property over the years. The monkey skull was of particular interest to me and my camera.