Farm in the city

Driving up Heatherbank Road between Charlo and Lorraine, one could easily make a head move and think you are driving past a farm and not necessarily still in the middle of the city.

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British Settler John Parkin’s farm

This morning a quick Geocaching outing took me to a small park in Fernglen where I found an equally small monument located to the one side of the park.  The monument stated:IN MEMORY OF JOHN PARKIN1787 - 1856LEADER OF A PARTY OF SETTLERSFROM DEVON TO SOUTH AFRICA IN 1820,AND PROMINENT IN THE EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF PORT ELIZABETHTHE SUBURBS IN THIS AREASTAND ON WHAT WAS ONCEJOHN PARKIN'S FARM OF 1421 H.A.WHICH HE ACQUIRED IN 1826.I never knew this little monument was here not…


The flowers in Mandelakwaland

About two weeks ago I received a mail from regular PE Daily Photo follower Gerhard Burger (and apologies to Gerhard for not replying but my laptop has packed up and I haven't been able to reply to emails from my phone.  At least I've been able to upload the pic from my phone to the blog).  He took this picture in one of the parks in Glendinningvale.  Much cheaper to view flowers in PE like this than to travel to…

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Central view

I sometimes think I don't do nearly enough urban photography.  I was waiting for a meeting in Richmond Hill last week and went for a quick walk around the block with my camera and snapped this pic looking across towards Central and the Donkin Reserve.  I really like the mix of urban and nature with the flowering Coral Tree.

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Kamma Heights view

I went for a walk on the hillside above Kamma Heights yesterday in search of a Geocache and some alone time and this is the view that greeted me from the cache location.

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The lake at Mount Pleasant

If you enjoy photographing birds and is looking for a nice urban location around Port Elizabeth to do so then you don't need to look any further than Lovemore Lake at the bottom of Boundary Lane in Mount Pleasant.  Every time I pass there I'm amazed at the amount of different birds around. On Saturday morning I passed there and noticed a number of them including what looked like a Goliath Heron.

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City farm

Would you guess that this picture was taken in the middle of Port Elizabeth?  It is the area of small holdings between Charlo, Lovemore Heights and Lorraine.  Literally a farm in the middle of the city.  The pic was snapped from The Pink Fig coffee shop on Heatherbank Road.


Cotswold Quarry

Situated next to the suburb of Cotswold is the Cotswold Quarry where they collect supacrush for building purposes.  I got to this lookout area with fellow geocacher Seekoei the other day on a caching expedition.  Even though I've always known that it's there I actually don't know much about the quarry and thought to consult my good friend Google.  Unfortunately he didn't know anything either. There seems to be one more informed that my friend Google and that is regular PEDP…


Country road

I have always loved the Chelsea and Deer Park area.  Country living, beautiful views and nature all around.  All of this just a stone's throw from the city.  This is Old Seaview Road running through Chelsea.


Beautiful Thursday sunset

Over the last week or so we've had a number of stunning sunsets here in Port Elizabeth.  Unfortunately I was just never in a position to get a photo, but that was until last night.  I spotted the sky changing colour through the lounge window, grabbed my camera and ran out into the street.  And presto, here it is straight out the camera with no adjustments made.