Mill Park #3

As described in the first post 2 days ago, Mill Park is on the edge of the Baakens Valley. So from many streets in the suburb, you get glimpses of the hills across the valley, and many houses, such as these, have lovely views into the kloofs, and the opposite cliffs.

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  1. Firefly

    I must say, there are a couple of huge houses in Mill Park overlooking the Valley.

  2. John Unsworth

    I have always been impressed by the way the roadside verges are maintained in parts of PE. I wonder how many gardeners are employed to achieve this?

  3. Greta

    We used to have great fun roller skating on those curvy, hilly sidewalks, I mean pavements.

  4. sam

    John the municipality stopped mowing the grass verges way back in the 1970’s and the responsibility has fallen onto the home owners. I am not sure how they got this right, but ever since we bought our first property back in 1978, we have maintained the verge in front of our property.

  5. Jeanne

    That's so funny because growing up in the house we did in Walmer, we spent our entire childhood looking across the valley at the houses in Mill Park & Linkside – seldom the other way around!

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