Mill Park #2

Established a century ago, Mill Park still has the atmosphere of a gracious lifestyle when life was lived at a slower pace. The lovely well established trees which line the streets soften the effect of all the high walls in front of the homes, and the trees popping over the tops of the walls give a sort of “secret garden” intrigue as you drive along.

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  1. Firefly

    Mill Park truly is one of the the more beautiful suburbs in Port Elizabeth. Very much like parts of Upper Walmer. Maybe one day…

  2. Jeanne

    Oh, how homesick you make me! Not sure which exact road this is, but it reminds me so of the feeling of driving along Linton Road to visit my best schoolfriend. Two other friends lived on the very lovely Waverley Drive and when I was at school I thought that this is where I’d like to live one day 🙂 We used to walk from there to the cafe in that little street between Cape Road and Provincial Hospital for sweets, and then on to The Ink Well in Westbourne Road to get Hello Kitty stationery. How times have changed!

  3. Kirsty

    I had an uncle and aunt in Mill Park – it IS gorgeous. I love those grassy verges – so easy to forget you’re in the city.

  4. Gerald

    Thank you so much!! I grew up in Mill Park and have forgotten how special it was. My mother live there until 2004.