Seedy berries

There is a bush just outside our office front door with these red seeds, berries, seeds, berries seedy berries on. I walk past it every day thinking that I should get a close-up of them, but I never have. Till this week.

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  1. Avril

    Looks like a Pyracantha to me. A shrub with striking ‘seedy berries’ which according to Keith Kirsten’s first gardening book (which I have from way, way back) they are ‘edible berries’. Try one!!! They look sour! BUT I may be wrong – these days I think they are classified in the ‘listed’ plants that are not allowed to be sold in nurseries – could be wrong about that. Always thought of growing one ‘way, way back’ but never did. Good luck for Megan’s birthday party! – Avril

  2. Janet

    Oh wow! I took a photo of the whole bush last week. Will post it – today maybe!! They look like little tomatoes!!

  3. Marcelle

    I’m so glad you actually stopped and took a photo – its a great one…

  4. Karin

    Great close-up shot! Don’t know what they are, but they look delicious (I wouldn’t eat them though…)

  5. leilani

    Only nature can create THAT color… wow!!

  6. Jo

    Goodness gracious, those looks like tomatoes! But what a gorgeous color!

  7. Jeanne

    They do look rather like pyracantha (or firethorn) – do they have thorny branches? Lots of them growing on the verges of public roads here in the UK as they are very low maintenance. They look stunning with a light dusting of snow!