Bluewater Bay Forward Observation Post

In 1942 during the Second World War a set of harbour defences was put up around Port Elizabeth to keep a constant lookout for approaching ships, submarines and planes.  The defences consisted of Algoa Battery in Humewood, the Battery Observation Post on Brookes Hill and three Fortress Observation Posts at Amsterdam Hoek (Bluewater Bay), Seahill (Cape Recife) and Schoenmakerskop
I’ve been to the FOP’s at Cape Recife and Schoemakerskop before and have decided that I want to check them all out even if its only to say that I’ve been there.  The next one on my list was the FOP at Bluewater Bay which is still in good condition.  Pity I couldn’t get on top of the FOP to see the view out to sea.  


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  1. Gemma Wiseman

    Your harbour defence seems quite well preserved! Impressive structure! The World War II bay defence at Point Nepean overlooking Port Phillip Bay entrance has little to impress above ground, but underground are fascinating tunnels!

  2. Roché Petersen

    As is also the case with some of Cape Town's defenses. The De Waal Battery on Robben Island has been renovated some years ago, but (believe it or not) I've never been on Robben Island and would love to visit some time. The Apostle Battery above Llandudno is fascinating, with three 9½” guns with a maze of tunnels underneath. It is now a camp site under the SAPS. The (in)famous Hangklip Hotel's buildings were the used as a radar station defending False Bay's Eastern shores from u-boats. A FOP still stands well preserved on Big Bay beach as well as in Hout Bay, while those in Cape Point have weathered the storms in varying degrees.