Karoo churches

For today’s “Random …” theme I decided on Karoo Churches. Most of the small Karoo towns have magnificent old churches that are well know landmarks in these towns.
The Dutch Reformed Church (Moederkerk) in Cradock. Built in 1868, the design is a near replica of St. Martins-in-the-Field in Londen.
The Dutch Reformed Church (Grotekerk) in Graaff-Reinet. It was built in 1885 and the design was based on the Salisbury Cathedral in England.
The Reformed Church in Venterstad, built in 1876.

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  1. Karin

    LOVE the angle on the first pic and that church is awesome! As are all the rest, by the way, but the first one is really stunning!

  2. Lindy

    great photos- love the last one for it’s simplicity.

  3. leilani

    The first church we have one like it here. Kawaiahao Church. built for the kings and queens to worship in. The one you have is much more magnificent. Its stunning !!!

  4. Janet

    It’s amazing isn’t it? When driving through these little towns, some of them so small, but there will always be a magnificent church! Lovely photo’s!

  5. Marcelle

    great churches, but still nothing like what we see here in Europe…Great photo’s!!!!!!

  6. Ordinarylife

    Beautiful! I love the Karoo. But then I say that about most places in SA.

  7. Jo

    What a beautiful post! I have been to Salisbury Cathedral, and I have a painting of it done by my mother when she visited there. It looks very, very much like that church.

  8. that girl

    I love old churches..I have been in Notre Dame and one in Paris that I can say but can’t spell. Love the photos..life is keeping my much busier and am not getting the time to come and visit (or post) as often as I want.