Seeing double?

Some visitors to game reserves often get as excited about seeing something like a zebra than they are when seeing elephants or lions.  Perhaps we as locals take these animals for granted as we see them often in game reserves and don’t get as excited by them.  I kinda lost what I was trying to say with this now other than seeing zebra is always exciting for me even if they aren’t part of the Big 5.  I found these two Burchell’s Zebra grazing in the Addo Elephant National Park recently and wouldn’t have taken the picture if they didn’t interest me.

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  1. Margaret

    I love the zebras.I also prefer the SA pronunciation of the word, zebra. I prefer to use that pronunciation now (and am often abruptly corrected!). I think a lot of people expect them to act like horses, but they have a mannerism all their own.Margaret

  2. Ordinarylife

    I think they are gorgeous – but my favourite is still the giraffe. Although I have never been as up close and personal as you have:-)